Where did Guacamole come from?

By Isabella Silber

Guacamole has made its way into the hearts of people all over the world. Its simplicity and delicious blend of avocado and spices have allowed for guacamole to become a household staple. Yet, most people have no idea exactly how and when guacamole came to be. 

Avocados found their origin in Southern Mexico, where they naturally grow. Because of this, guacamole was inherently created by the Aztecs who inhabited that region of Mexico. Avocados contain a lot of health benefits, natural fats, and nutrients. They are a high source of carbs and healthy fats and may even help with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One serving of guacamole can act as a quarter of your daily fiber recommended intake. Obviously, the Aztecs did not know about the exact health benefits of avocados, but they were aware that eating avocados made them feel good. In some cases, avocados were even seen as an aphrodisiac. 

It is hard to pinpoint the exact birth date for guacamole but there are records that it has existed for over half a millennium. During the 1500s, Spaniards were introduced to avocado mixtures that appeared to be extremely similar to guacamole during their explorations of the new world from the Aztecs. The Spaniards thought that the creation would be a huge hit back home, so they brought the concept back to Spain. 

The mixture originally included avocados, tomatoes, and chilis since those ingredients were native to the Americas. Over the years, Spaniards started adding their own ingredients and spin on the recipe, like onions, cilantro, and lime juice. 

However, avocados do not grow naturally in Spain. The Spaniards had to improvise and use substitutes to try and replace the lack of avocados. Eventually, they would try to grow avocados wherever possible. 

There was a ban on Mexican avocado imports in the United States from the 1910s until 1997. This made guacamole a rare sight in the U.S. for the majority of the 20th century. Once the ban was lifted, guacamole from avocados was introduced to American culture and embraced with open arms. 

Today, guacamole is enjoyed all over the world, which each culture putting its own spin on the mixture. Next time you are in the Boulder or Louisville area, make sure to stop by Verde and give our hand smashed homemade guacamole a try!